Non-custodial Wallet option

Hi ETN community,

I do realize the security of the offline paper wallet. However, as many others have said, it is seemingly not possible to check the balance of a paper wallet. You also can’t send only a partial amount of the ETN in the paper wallet to the ETN application.

Everything in the crypto world has to be the right balance between security and convenience. The mobile and web apps are very convenient, but don’t give me, the user, a great feeling of security when I am not in control of my own private keys. The offline wallet is very secure, but lacks convenience. I really feel there needs to be a better middle-ground solution.

It would be great if one of the following things were to happen:

  1. Change the web app and/or mobile app to be non-custodial. In other words, you would have to import a 12-word phrase in order to use the web or mobile app, and your private keys would be stored in the browser when you do so. ETN would not have our private keys. Citadel does this and it works well. Note that you do not have to enter the 12-word phrase every time you login. With Citadel you choose whether or not the private keys are removed from the browser when you logout. And they can stay in the browser indefinitely.

  2. Support for ETN on a non-custodial wallet like Exodus or Atomic.

  3. An officially supported non-custodial desktop ETN application with a GUI (not command line) which can be used to view balance of ETN.

Any of of those three would be great. Thanks for listening.

Thanks. Can you tell me where can I find the instructions on how to run a node, or where to download the GUI desktop wallet?

I downloaded the CLI wallet and Windows quarantined it for something called PUA:Win32/Puasson.A!ml.

p.s. When I eventually buy a hardware wallet it will probably be Trezor, not Ledger. Any change of being supported by Trezor in the future that you are aware of?

The gui wallet works fine just setup the antivirus exception. I really like it better than anything else.


Thanks! The documentation for the GUI wallet says: “Restoring from keys is quite easy and can be extremely useful, especially if you are moving your wallet from an online service like MyElectroneum.” How can I see my private keys for MyElectroneum? Or if that is not possible, I suppose I would need to send all funds to the offline wallet first and then use the address of the offline wallet to restore from in the GUI wallet?

Or… is it best to just create a new wallet (full node) and then Send from MyElectroneum to the new wallet?

Right now my paper wallet is empty.

Create a paper wallet, send your ETN to that paper wallet public address from your Myelectroneum wallet. Then, you can import the paper wallet to CLI or GUI.

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i created a full node wallet on my pc and then sent the funds to the address . You just need to record the passphrase and its useful to write down the block height as well for restoration. Took a while to download the full node but it was no big deal.

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So I’ve been trying to do a full sync for a few days now, and whenever I go back to the laptop where the desktop wallet is running, I often find that it is no longer running at all. It must have crashed or something. There is nothing in the log to indicate anything went wrong, so I just upped the log level from 0 to 4 (if that is the right thing to do).

Windows Event Viewer has these entries, all the same:
Event ID 1000, Task Category: 100

Faulting application name: electroneum-wallet-gui.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5f159b70
Faulting module name: Qt5Qml.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5dc07b10
Exception code: 0xc0000005

Happens every 9-12 hours. Three times total so far. Is there a place to report this? Does it happen to you? (I guess I’ll put it on the github)

Yeah report it on github so the dev can see it. I haven’t had this issue at all . It runs fine on my machine. Maybe some process on your pc is doing something? Are there any scheduled scans or malware programs or anything? I just excluded the folders where I installed it from the antivirus and that was it and its been problem free for me. Sorry I can’t be more help.

Does anyone know where the full node is being stored on my PC? I want to make sure I back this up since it is taking days to download and sync. It is not obvious to me where it is in the file system. Thanks!

I just had a look on my system and can’t find it actually. There should be a huge file right? I looked in the profile app data but don’t see it . oh wait i think i got it under windows and program data there is an electroneum folder with a 44 gig in it

Is the file size 44gb? Mine is in a different location and it doesn’t show up in that area when i click node . I see an option to change the location but it just shows default but not the actual path.

Under Settings > Node it just says “(default)”. It is actually still in the process of downloading. Ok ProgramData, thanks! I searched for “blockchain” and “mainnet” since that was the default path used for linux in the screenshot examples in the guide, but came up empty handed. thanks!

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