No yoti app for my cell


I tried downloading yoti app for my android cell, it says not compatible, so I can’t complete KYC anyway


What OS and version are you using?


Google android s OS and Vodafone version 6… Is it because it’s prepay?


Hmmm well your on Android version 6 Yoti requires Android 4.1 and up so you should be fine there. Maybe it’s not supported in your country. Does it give you any other information and what country are you in?


New Zealand. Just new to cryptocurrency and finding lots of things not supported here so far, not even coinbase. Too small to be important lol


I would email Yoti they have been pretty good and helpful at replying to my emails.


yes, do please contact YOTI, as it’s a bit odd - but don’t worry, by the end of the month we’ll have a solution for everyone that works!

Thanks for reporting the problem,


Level 2 kyc Problem

I believe KYC will be backward compatble thanks to ETN officials.


The yoti team were very helpful, with almost an immediate response, they are looking into it.
Thanks for your
Cheers j