No Will answer this!

I have logged a call with support I have tried direct messaging @ImogenD I have tried twitter but no one will answer me. A lot has been made about the WooCommerce integration marketing. In it some very specific promises are made.

" * Promote your store (for free) to our 300k+ social media followers and possibly even via direct email to our 2.5m customers for free.

  • Create your own marketing & PR campaign (you’ll be the first XXX store in the world / your country / your town to accept crypto – giving an instant free PR opportunity – we’ll help you!)
  • This opens up a $150m+ untapped marketplace for business.
  • Build your very own reward programme paid for and managed entirely by us (all your users get free ETN every month!).
  • Integrate a suite of complimentary business software to manage the entire process

Remember this is totally free, you pay absolutely zero, nothing…"

I have integrated ETN into my website. I have even created an offer just for the community but no one can tell me how I take advantage of they promises made. There is no sign up form and when I ask no one responds. I am definately not anti ETN but I believe if you make an advert you should follow up on it. Please dont say they are busy and will get back to you. I am assuming that the numbers on this offer are limited so want someone to acknowledge that I am on the list.

In Case You are interested the offer to test the instant payment system is on my website

Just bought your video, feeling dizzy now :joy:

I think they are still in beta, patience is probably the key here :wink:

Thanks. I know, it just they are promoting others. All I want is for someone to say your on the list

Exactly my point. They are sharing websites on Facebook but I have asked, tagged, logged a call but no one will answer me.

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A bro I am one of the 2.5 Million Give me the URL and I will Shop

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Try boosting your profile pay for twitter followers to promote your product

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I’m doing Bing / Google / Facebook ads. The ETN marketing team made pronises to help but havent said how to contact them

@Egg @ETNCEO @ImogenD


I really appreciate your frustration—something has clearly gone “wrong” here and hopefully it will be addressed sooner rather than later.

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Thanks Peter. Don’t get me wrong Im a beliiever in the project. And that level of free marketing would be amazing for me. I already have made real world ETN sales by sharing on the ETN Community.

Wasn’t getting you “wrong” at all—I think the issue you are raising is very valid… :+1:

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Hi @user75 we really appreciate the energy and passion you clearly have and sorry for the frustration you feel.
If I could put some perspective around this. As many people know there are very few coins in the market that have a product live in market. We have an ecosystem with multiple connected services, integrations, partners, regulators and users that we are moving forward at pace.
To maximise efficiency we are continually implementing efficiency improvements such as weekly batch processing. I would not expect anything less than 7-10 days for you to receive a response.
Now I explained all of this because we are proud of what we are achieving.
If you go look at the existing global e-commerce industry you will find that compliance guidelines are anything better than 28 days would achieve a top 20 percentile result
Hope this helps


@chris.gorman thanks for taking the time to respond. I am passionate about the project if you check out my link I am pushing the advantages to the vendor and ultimately the road to mass adoption. My point in here is that the WooCommerce advert promises some great opportunities that I as a wesite owner wouldn’t normally have access to. I want to make sure that I am on the list a signup page and autoresponder would have reassured me I wasnt looking for an immediate response I understand you are busy.

In one of Richard’s interviews with AllAboutTech he mentioned a Hypnotherapist could sell digital downloads this struck a chord with me as that is what I do. Check out an offer I created for the Community. I have already had some :slight_smile: sales.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond and all the best with ETN.
Jason Scoltock


This was just posted to Twitter today @user75

I encourage you to write them there and hopefully you can get your shout out soon! Don’t feel discouraged we are at the beginning stages and they have many things going on. You are not being left out and they will make good on there word. Once again they are at the beginning stages announcing vendor acceptance please be patient you won’t get missed. I appreciate what your doing and your support for Electroneum keep up the great work!

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@PrestoCrypto thanks for that I already have my email in :slight_smile: it will be interesting to see the impact it might have. I have already made a few real world ETN sales by sharing on the community FB page


Great work! Thank you for your contribution i wish the best for you ! Keep us updated !


Dude I’m susceptible to hypnotism :grin: cool video. Payed with ETN that’s the first time I’ve used the instant payment system can’t believe how easy it is


I know I got an instant notification
:blush:. It the way to mass adoption. If you paid via PayPal I would have only got about 78cent.

Glad you enjoyed the video

Regards Jason


I hope you had your original questions answered. Glad you are part of the ETN community and an early tester to help make this project the best it can be.
I am curious as to how the Instant Payment integration has been going for you?

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