No Wallet Access - ID Block

Hi All,

I had a bit of ETN which I stuck in the online wallet as I found the paper wallet a bit too intangible…Now I cannot access my account owing to the Tax Code requirements,(and I am in the throes of relocating, hence have no new tax code yet for my new country.)

But not only can I not access my wallet - I can see nothing at all. No balance. Zilch. So either my ETN has been filched, or it’s in there but I am not allowed to see it for some reason. Anyone know which is the likelier scenario?

It’s likely you need to undertake KYC.

Try logging into your wallet on the website and the system should guide you through the process.

If you have any further account related issues, please raise a ticket with the support desk.

Thanks Bega,
I’ll try…!!

Yes, it is that. KYC. But as I stated originally - I cannot see my balance, and therefore I have no idea where my ETN are. I chose this wallet because I believed in ETN, and thought it was reasonably secure. Now I have no idea if my account has been flushed out. And THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! 2 REQUESTS OVER A MONTH - NO REPLIES.
I am getting the worst of all worlds here.
I have no private money
I am using a bank who refuse to communicate and who cannot advise me where my money is.


If ETN want to know me why don’t they answer my support requests??? KYC? Don’t make me laugh.

Coins cant be lost on the blockchain. Your funds will be there once KYC is done, every transaction is recorded against that wallet and set in stone. Dont worry.

Make sure not to create multiple tickets or it will slow the process down. Have ONE ticket open and just add comments to it from the support portal.

Ok Thanks Bega. There was a glitch and my support ticket appeared not to send. But it had. Anyhow…I will try and hang loose!!! I really like ETN, I think it is a great project — very impressed in almost all aspects

I know it must be very frustrating… it’s a real shame we need KYC on the online/mobile wallet at all, but thats the only way third party commercial companies (like the topups etc) will link in and integrate.

Just remember, your coins will never be touched by the team and will be sat there waiting for you until KYC is complete…once thats done, you can always move them off the Online/Mobile KYC wallet to the desktop wallet and have 100% control over them with no KYC worries.

Good luck, be patient and CAREFULLY read any emails or info they give you as its easy to overlook something and what you submit HAS to be exact.


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