No update for iOS beta


App requests update upon opening but No update for iOS beta in TestFlight.
Any other iOS beta testers having the same problem?


Yes same issue and update should be released tomorrow sometime.


Hope so! Where did your hear it was coming tomorrow? Ive been following a few of the other electroneum threads on other sites and didn’t catch a mention on it.


the same problem on the Android, we are only need the wait patiently at present.


Just some inside information from friends on the inside! :wink:


Awesome friends you have on the inside then @M-Kid :yum:


Android update been available since this morning.


Hi! Is anyone willing to share some iOS screenshots? I’m curious how this app looks like! Thnx


The same problem here.


Same problem with me also


Waiting for Apple to review it and then start to roll it out


Actual version 2.6.2 is now available in TestFlight.



I can’t wait for the IOS miner to come out :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the screens! Appreciate!


What is the current state of play with the IOS app?

I have a spare iphone and ipad that i’d like to get up and running if possible.


My understanding is iOS phones are only supported currently, still in beta, app is running smoothly but no mining :pick: Yet.


Thanks for the response


a bunch of my Friends want to use ETN on iPhone how did you get that ? !


iOS app is just in beta for now, 10000 users are testing it