No smartphone to get YOTI app


Hi, I have just been into my settings and filled in the first part of my profile. I now have a page asking me to download a “Yoti” app to my phone. However, I do not have a smart-phone, so cannot do this. Is there an alternative procedure that I can do on my laptop, please!


Unfortunately I’m sure you need a smartphone … Maybe @BegaMutex or @Jade_O can confirm this…
If this is the case can you not borrow one from a friend to create your profile ?


Yes you need a smart phone. Only solution if you cant afford on is to use a friend’s phone to download the app and complete KYC level 2 and/or 3.

Iphone 4 or earlier are no good either as Yoti needs apple phones that can use iOS10 software or later. Otherwise use an android phone.


I hope for you there will be a solution. Unfortunate because I think you are not the only without a modern smartphone but uses ETN.