No Payouts since days



Have anybody the same problem that the mined ETN didnt get payed out ?


I have received my ETN payout this morning at 6am eastern time. I promise you the system is still working like a charm and is honestly working better then before in my honest opinion.


Be patient and keep mining it will transfer.


I hope so. I will wait


Remember even if it takes longer to transfer it is still your mined ETN.


Android version needs updating. I think the team will be making an update soon.


possibly, but it works very smooth for myself.


Same here.
My pending balance is 18ETN.This is the second time this has happened to me.
Just be patient.It will be transferred sooner or later.


Just received my mobile mined ETN. Thanks ETN Team!


Paid out late last night, about 25ETN. Now seems to be working normally.

Thanks ETN team


Ios cloud mining beta test already started or what ?