No need to big exchanges!


Once upon a time, it was important to me that ETN should add to big exchanges and I was constantly worried about this!
But now!
No matter how ETN not to add to any exchanges I am sure the way is clear! By implementing new API in Beta all big exchanges will come one after another!
Maybe, we don’t need to add to anywhere! By contracting with MVNOs and so on, ETN goes to the moon!


With coming competition, ETN Should be ready to fight and occupy market. So proactive and aggressive approach is much needed. Indeed we need better exchanges. Don’t think cryptopia or kucoin can much help here.


the bigger ETN grows the more Exchanges will want ETN on them eventually because they will earn fees from doing that also i wouldn’t doubt that they will just come to ETN and ask to come on their exchange instead of the other way around and ETN begging to be on one :thinking:


Ok. But first need to agree market. First who ever aquires value will have edge.