No Major Deal announcement yet!


When will Richard Ells make an announcement of a Major deal…This is what everyone in Electroneum land is waiting on!


All in good time I would say :slight_smile:


I think he has indicated something coming this month . They already said its full steam ahead on the marketing side of things. It will happen very soon I suspect but there will be many many partnerships coming in time.


I can see what I can get from This Thing, but it only seems to turn on when Someone gives it 5,000ETN.

The Mysterious Crystal begins to vibrate!


post your address maybe someone will send it haha


Lol! Edited xP

I can surely get something out of it for 5,000ETN


Well I am joining the fight! Go ETN Club!


maybe somoneone should ask the magic 8 ball - for sure it will know what will happen with ETN


Just wait. Richard knows what he’s doing! :slight_smile:


Now in bleeding market is not a good thing to make some anouncment I think. 1st fix problems like long withdrawal from offline walet and solve empty blocks and than problem with retrying transactions and than some Mega deal :slight_smile: