NO M_kid No Party!


in my opinion after Mkid ban our forum became inactive i hope he will be back soon!!! share your opinions


Incorrect, the forum is very active, M-kid is a great guy for fun and it’s clear that a lot of people gravitate toward him however the forum is way more than M-Kid. I know that he would agree. We are the forum, all of us. Take part and make it great!


People come and people go . @wTz1 agree completely with what you said … Spot on.


Im 100% with you @wTz1 @Plankton
M-kid may be absent from the forum…for now .
The spirit with which he started fight the dump club 1&2 still lives on.
Its not just about one person here .
It takes all of us to make the forum a great and diverse space.
For everyone!!


When M-Kid (20 Char Limit)


What happened to him?


Some say he returned to the mothership and went to the moon, others say he had to get back to his F1 team to singlehandedly win the season. All we know is that he may or may not return on December 1st.


I think he went to the star ship Enterprise to help Kirk bring a whale home to the Ocean.


I’d be tempted to say hes active on kucoin right now.
Of course this may or may not be the case.
It may or may not be kucoin either!


well, we have a 8.3 btc buy support at 210 sats at cryptopia :grin: :whale:


That aint no whale thats a megalodonScreenshot_2018-11-25-10-25-53-1



How true that is.
Im just texting a nurse…my daughter…
Explaing the difference between prognosis and diagnosis.
Im explaining it to her!




He was manipulating the market according to the mods and that is not cool here.