No incoming connection

Yeah, you still type Exit to come out and then the same command as you used to open to reopen

etn after showing my balance
i cant type to save it,exit it or whatever just hang there…thats the same problem i encounter
i finish to sync etn 3.1.0 before then i deleted all and install it again because some says it might think its corrupted…but same problem exist

Sorry, I don’t know what would be causing that :frowning:

The CLI can be difficult. The good news is ETN will be able to be stored on a Ledger very soon and you won’t need the CLI any longer. Many of us are anxiously awaiting the addition of ETN to ledger so we can stop using the CLI all together.

If you do not have a ledger and are able to get one, I’d suggest taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day sale they have going on right now:

*this is a direct non-referal link to ledger’s site, never purchase one from any other site (including Amazon). Always buy direct.

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that’s great,but the problem is my etn stuck in the cli wallet :worried: @ETNCEO

Hmm…so you created the wallet directly in the cli? Yeah, I dont know how to help on that. I always created paperwallets so I had the keys. Then I imported those wallets into the CLI. :frowning:

Do you have another PC to try this on? It sounds local to you if you were experiencing it with your own blockchain and my remote node

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