No incoming connection

please help…thank youb

@andrepatta or @Chris_ETN or @ETNCEO

Can you give any more detail?

Have you tried stopping and restarting the daemon?
Are you setting up a new node and is your blockchain fully sync’d?
Is the node running on a machine in your home or in the cloud?
Do you need to open up ports on your router to allow the traffic to flow through to the machine?

1.yes i tried restarting but after the sync
2.40% sync…coz the old file are corrupted and i deleted it, so i started a new whole process
3. home win7
4.i dont know how to open ports…the older version that i use i dont open ports but it fully sync 3.0.0 and i have no problem with it…

you could use the remote node method.

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=

So you were successfully running a node using v3.0.0.0 and then upgraded to v3.1 and then started to get the problem?

You mention a 40% sync, was this syncing the blockchain or converting from blockchain v1 to v2 after chaining the daemon to v3.1?

syncing the blockchain 3.1, yes using v3.0 then upgrading to v3.1 and then having a problem…so i deleted all the files then start all over again…im stuck in 40% saying no connection and check routers ports…

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host= - for version 3.1.0? how?

a community member set up a node. updated his daemon to 3.1.0 lately

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BTW I see an update on etn CLI wallet was made 2 days ago. v3.1.0.1

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ok sir…they updated step by step how to do it?

if i download it again,first i delete the current all file?


unzip it and run the wallet command with remote node

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=

ok sir ill try…thank you

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The remote node is mine.

I wasn’t aware of the update but can do that update tonight probably. The remote node means you don’t need a copy of the blockchain on your pc.

If you want to run your own node, I’d recommend deleting everything and starting again. If it gets to 40% before erroring, that suggests there isn’t a problem with your router and ports being open - it’ll be somewhere else

many thanks sir…starting refresh…in this remote node method can i send and receive also?

Yes, the remote node will work exactly as if the blockchain was on your pc.

If you do give it a go, please let me know what performance is like

im using your node…my privacy is lessened?ct

Slightly, yes.

To how much of an extent, you’d need someone who understands the technicalities of blockchain a lot more than I do.

I believe there are several users on here who have been successfully using the remote node for several months now without issue.

thanks a lot sir…after i close it…and openned it again the same procedure ot not sir?

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