No front camera - can't create YOTI profile



My phone does not have a front camera, and thus I can’t create a profile with YOTI.
I have already tried various workarounds, like filming me in front of a mirror with the regular phone camera, but YOTI keeps rejecting my three words for verification.

Is there a way to directly send my documents to Electroneum in order to get to KYC Level 2/3 without using this awful app?


I don’t think so , not yet anyway . I do know etn are working on workarounds to help those with the same issues…
What @UncleDen said , borrow a phone from someone take the pics do the voice job done… can’t believe I forgot to say that… Dam this old age lark


I borrowed a relatives phone to do the yoti part. Support agreed that would be ok. Maybe you can use this workaround.