Nice Price spike!

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Well people …What you gotta say about our nice little price spike today then …!!
Even better times to come in the months ahead…Cant wait…!!
Etn is clearly delivering on its intended goals…!!! ( Rest of the market top 19 at the same time )…Sorry …I Seem to have cut off no 20…LOL

I was at my work and i saw ETN spike up and i went home early just to buy more! :open_mouth:

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I dropped on lucky last night. Purchased a large amount of coin about 5pm while prices were still near rock bottom.
Checked price again early this morning and couldn’t beleive my eyes :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:
Would have been kicking myself now if I had not purchased when I did.


Niiiice…!! Just bought more myself…:star_struck::star_struck::+1:

Oh @Zero7 funny thing is yesterday i was like hmm i want to buy more but ill wait till Tomorrow but i was kinda wrong about that one :roll_eyes: i am still happy that i bought a bunch of ETN but i could have had more yesterday :yum:

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Not to worry @PHXInvestors at least you have added some more coins to your pot :grinning:
Sure you would have gotten a better deal yesterday but remember prices are still mega low compared to what they will be in the coming months.

I agree my thinking exactly :wink: it only can get better from this moment on :yum:

the 0.786 fibonacci retracement (141-91) is 102…

Yup @M-Kid around that mark seems to be a steady point currently :sunglasses:

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Yeah looking good. I am pumped about the Egypt partnership as I plan on going there in the next few months. I should be able to use a bunch of ETN and hopefully the price will be up more at that point. Its just a matter of time anyway as more countries come on board. What you see is the hardest one is the first one but when others see it working it makes it a hell of a lot easier for them to get on board. Nice work by ETN after a long wait and so much speculation.

I think @100 satoshi

Awesome progress. I’ve gotten most my family to invest as well.

I’m curious - what market/trading websites/apps do ya’ll use the most to trade/monitor ETN with? I’m currently using Coinbase and Cryptopia but thinking about switching over to Liquid… thoughts?

I love the features of tradingview but ETN is not available :frowning: or I can’t find it…

You can use kucoin, they have tradingview implemented.

go to its a great site

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WOO HOO I grabbed 20000 ETN yesterday for cheap today numbers went up … did I ever time that right! This is getting exciting!


I use to see where the coins are positioned in the market and what their value is. I use to track all my cryptocurrencies (it’s awesome) I also use Exodus which has a great tracking system and internal exchange right inside it’s wallet which is so awesome! between those three I am more or less on top of what I want to know. For the rest I come here to check out vids, news updates etc :slight_smile:

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