NGO´s that can united us all

We are all on the same planet and something that matters for me is the love of the nature. ETN already have a green and ECO friendly profile and i wish that can be a larger part of our foundation.

This is maybe the biggest chance we have to do a change that matters fore the planet and all the animals that suffer every day from our pollution in so many ways that it is only a sad disaster.

Can we as a community try to push for at least one NGO that works for the planet as a hole? It is just my thought and a really big wish for the future of all kids and animals today and tomorrow

Beautifully said Børge, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Especially after the day I’ve had.

I would be overjoyed if Electroneum accepts an NGO that’s looking after our planet, nature and wildlife.



Fantastic :+1::+1: idea.

Short post . Ill be back soon



100% agree, this is really out of control. But there are some solid efforts going into cleaning it up but it’s going to take A LOT. I think adding NGO’s that help clean up the planet would be an amazing addition. Ones that’re doing all they can to help mitigate climate change would be an incredibly worthy cause and very much deserve more support.

Looking some up now ETN might be able to look into.

Of course there’s a ton more, but it would be awesome to see ETN get a bunch
of these NGO’s on board! Great thread @B.F.A

I’ll keep looking up more, we do know the team pays close attention to the thread so
I’m sure they’ll look into this.

@ETNCEO @chris.gorman @Rach @Bee


That would be another amazing one, we absolutely need to help the bee’s, vital to the planet.


Rich or poor this affects us all, i am so glad that you are finding this important.


Absolutely, this is something I pay very close attention too, it’s the most existential threat to humanity. It’s getting really dangerous and everyone needs to do all they can to change things asap.

Also we’ve got the Great Pacific Garbage Patch though lot’s of people are working on that. Another great cause to contribute too, needs to be removed.


Great links @J5Alive and great research. And great suggestion @B.F.A. I really hope the team consider this.


Thank you very much, highly appreciate it! I agree it was a fantastic suggestion.


Excellent post, @B.F.A and along the lines of a few things I’ve been musing over too, at a more basic level, but you bring so many more important points and ideas to the fore here.

As a community, we appear to have some great thought leaders in our midst! There must be some great ways the awesome electroneum team and our community can discuss ideas, proposals and opportunities to bridge the social, environmental and economic challenges so prevalent in the world today.

You’re so right! There could be ways in which, somehow, electroneum can work with such NGOs and charities to not only help address financial inclusion and eLearning/education and enabling a huge gig economy for the unbanked/underbanked but to also address so many other great and deserving causes in the world, from animal welfare to plastics to zero carbon initiatives, healthcare, the environment and more.

Richard said, possibly jokingly, in a recent interview how so many of his great ideas for electroneum came to him in the evening after a couple of beers :wink::grinning: How cool would it be for us to all have a massive brainstorming session on this topic over a few beers - which is, essentially, what this thread is, albeit an online daytime and possibly alcohol-free brainstorm lol

Thanks so much for starting this thread. I’ll be following with interest, and might even try to contribute some ideas if they come to me.


Great ideas. Empowering NGOs that protect the earth and help people are of the up most importance.

We need to do something very soon.
I’m glad Electroneum is recognizing this too.


Ocean cleanup sell the wristbands made from recycled plastic … then that money gets put back into the cleanup which is amazing.

It would be fantastic if etn could join these companies and help the very planet that gives us life and supports us.

Awesome links and comments everyone :+1::+1::+1::heart::heart::heart:


i just hope the ETN team thinks this is a good idea and see the potential in what we can accomplish with a save the planet NGO.

This is just one idea

one more


That’s awesome! Be nice to see them integrate ETN and we could all buy one and get the word out. Really great thread from @B.F.A again, I’m 100% sure the team is reading and going to reach out to many of these as time goes on.


I sincerely hope so.

We do need this planet too not just the people :+1::+1::clap::clap::sunglasses:

Excellent thread @B.F.A


I am dreaming about a great future and prosperity for all…but there is not just a tree burning, it is our air…going away, the one thing that keeps all of us alive. Absolutely nothing matters if we cant bread air… Think about tomorrow…


This is a article of the CO2 footprint of BTC…and this is a good reason for ETN to prove fore the world that crypto do not need to be bad for the environment


Hi @Rach, I came across a Brazilian NGO called Rioterra in a news article this morning that I thought the team might be interested to take a look at.

I like how the sustainability aspect ties in with Electroneum’s new eco-friendly blockchain which I think would add to the already high level of corporate responsibility and make fantastic copy.

“We are looking for other sources of funding and our goal is to show how important the Amazon is, how farmers and other institutions can work to develop the forest sustainably,” Queiroz said. The NGO is working to create a partnership with other organisations with the aim of setting up a centralised fund to receive foreign aid”.

Here’s the NGO :
I notice they have an education programme - could this tie in with Gig fair?

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