Next exchange, user help

I am trying to figure out this exchange and so far i propper hate this exchange, can someone make a tutorial?
So my first question is … WTF do i need to buy NEXT token just to use the exchange …it cost over 100$. Someone need to tell something positive about this exchange because first lok it is not positive!

This summer when they did say that NEXT exchange is ready for ETN i transferred 10K incase of some good trades. Guess wat!!! The ETN went to the exchange and i can’t get to them. Now i have to pay about 100$ to buy NEXT token to get access where my 10K ETN might be. Unfortunately for me my English sucks and it is hard for me to explain my issue to the NEXT Exchange, but this is the ticket i sent to day the second one in my history with NEXT, the first one did not get any reply!!

**This summer when it was announced i transferred ETN to my next exchange wallet . I cant get to that wallet. I tried to buy next token to get access price is high over 100$ or do i not understand.

My biggest concern is that i cant get to my ETN before paying a lot! that is theft/Robbery !
I can’t find a user manual or tutorial!
Where can i get some help to understand this exchange and start using it? **

If i can’t figure out this NEXT exchange i hope someone can explain it for me. I can’t for the time being say anything positive about this exchange. My recommendation is to stay out of this exchange.

Wishes for Next exchange…Let them get hacked !!

This pops up alot!!

Price for Shit token!!