Next exchange and Etn soon?

Hi one and all I beta tested some months ago etn to euro on next exchange.
Does anyone from the Etn team know when they think it will be open? Next exchange say on their road map open by end of quarter 3 2018…so let’s hope soon … soon seems to be a word I have used a lot lately, never have I used the word as much as I have in the past months lol I’m nearly 50 !!!
Etn is the one for mass adoption and to be able to buy etn with fiat will get a whole heap more people onboard …ico holder and still holding :heart:

Thanks for the reply begamutex kinda guessed the answer … will stick to soon :ok_hand:
Once the etn payment app is out we will see more and more people come onboard…don’t forget the other partnerships etn have done with telephone providers…the list could go on and on and on … onwards and upwards :+1:

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Hope it is gonna be very soon! starts to be a bit long :wink:

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They just just posted an update in Telegram I shared on another thread. I’ll share the update here and link to the other thread and their telegram so you can all join to get updates soon as they release.

Another update from Next just posted I wanted to share here.

Dear readers and fans
We can, with overflowing excitement say that our platform is nearly ready!

Testing is going well: TX records, auto, partial, and full orders for assets paired with BTC, ETH, NEXT, USD, EUR are executing well on pertinent Blockchains.

The team is quite happy with current results and we are sure that you, our community members, traders, ICO supporters, and onlookers will be pleased as well.

We value excited individuals that accompany us on our journey towards producing a great trading platform! However, we would like to issue a reminder that it is generally a common industry practice for trading platforms to keep listing dates private until the run-up to the actual listing. We kindly ask that this practice is taken into considering and respected. Granted, we are quite an open team - but there are boundaries!

On that note, we wish you all a happy Friday and upcoming weekend!

Best regards, the team.

Also if none of you are there here’s a direct link to their Telegram where they always post the latest updates.

Thread Link:

Telegram Next.Exchange News & Announcements

Telegram Next.Exchange Group Chat


Next exchange opens tomorrow New Year’s Eve 2018 ready for 2019 happy new year :+1::champagne:


That deserves a “10” Thankyou for the update.


Do you have a link to announcement?



I might be blind but I’m not seeing anything saying it is going live tomorrow everywhere I look…

That was yhe latest on telegram.
Maybe its a surprise!

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I don’t have telegram I don’t see it anywhere saying it’s tomorrow but I’ll just wait and see! :+1:

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I am with you on that one…
Wait n see, but I have been one of the lucky beta testers helping test the platform and I am very excited :laughing:

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Next only got on cmc a few days ago…max supply will be 25m tokens once one their own Blockchain q1 2019 and master nodes will be avalible at 25k stake of next tokens, plus much more to come :+1:

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I dont blame you for being extracicited…I heard way back this platform is the bomb!

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I did too, invested a little in the ico way back in 2017 and have been buying in dips and have a nice little bag.

In the months testing I have tested

With multiple fiat pairing usd and euro to start paired with everytoken along with bitcoin,ether and next paired too.


More good news !! I like it .