New Yoti update

Yoti now has a new update were those that uploaded their passport can now input their addresses themselves. This is a welcome development especially for those in Nigeria :nigeria:. I have now been able to synchronize my yoti with my Electroneum account. One step at a time makes u walk a mile. Kudos to #ETN and the team especially @ETNCEO

This is good news. They adapted on the way, exactly as I thought they would. Nice job!


About the new yoti update, I just check my etn account now and my level 2 kyc have been completed. Easy as ABC. Level 3 will be next, but I am in no rush, slow and steady wins the race.


Problem is, yoti accepts passport or drivers licens only… how about those unbanked with no passport or drivers license? They cant proceed to level 2. How sad… one of the hindrance for mass adoption unless new ids are accepted…

KYC is not a hindrance to mass adoption at all. Level 1 is simple. Everyone can enjoy Electroneum!

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Thats create news @Doctore2hot glad you could finish KYC after the New update :blush: :+1:

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Heey @Corps if you don’t have verification to verify yourself you could always send a support message to the ETN team and verify yourself trough different documents :wink:

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I think with time everybody will be able to do theirs. It’s just one thing at a time. The team are determined, we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt

Thanks for the advise… May I know where can I send my support ticket? Thanks a lot…

Heey @Corps you can go to and make a support ticket :blush: :+1:

Done it at this moment. Thanks a lot Boss @PHXInvestors.

You are welcome @Corps :+1: