New Website Live!


yes german version is bad and old info, for example…

Unser Crypto-Sofortzahlungssystem wird im dritten Quartal 2018 für Benutzer und Shops live gehen.

Our crypto instant payment system will go live for users and stores in the third quarter of 2018.

as far as i know germany is also in 2019. :slight_smile:


525 I got and you? 3babf


533 on this old thinkpad with a clean chrome…


Oh yeah.
I never cleared my cache or anything on a old Samsung tab 10.


good day ive try to search the link of “5secret of woocomerce” on ETN website ,
but since website is revamp the link page now is down. Is this normal?


I transferred all my shares to Cryptopia. Is it gone, or will I have the opportunity to transfer to another exchange?


Search cryptopia here and see the answers from team and community here.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention I will look into this for you.


no worries mate, if it is for ETN im glad to help.


Huh? Are you working on the site?


Just keep an eye on their website. Good luck.


I like the website more and more every time I look :+1:


Hello, if the non disclosure agreement is still needed to complete vendor API registration. Then it is not currently possible for a vendor to register. As on the new website the link 404s.