New Website Live!


Very exciting indeed! :slight_smile:


Hehehe I’m now refreshing my email non stop :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


FOMO Email Refreshing Underway :slight_smile:


I know right! How sad are we. :slight_smile:


Thankyou @ETNCEO another FoMoFriday instore.
The Australian Electroneum Community sleeps not in anticipation!
Unleash the “Behemoth” upon us!


Great webpage



New site looks great, hope everyone shares it on their Twitter and FB etc…

One thing, how to remove annoying persistent GET THE APP blue button link ?

I realise you guys want to make getting the app easy to find but…


i would to say that the translation (Arabic) is not that good at all it’s better to fix that soonly in order to get more people attract with the project . :wink:
for the ( Turkish ) yea it’s good :kissing_heart::clap:


New website is amazing!

I have found a small bug.

While hovering mouse between three images below, I noticed there is extra white space when attempting to hover mouse over middle image located on home page at the bottom.


Hi All! Great website! I found just a few small things to fix:

  1. on Google Chrome browser the numbers of registered users and telegram members do not display.
  2. Google Play button changes its size on hover (in Chrome browser only)
  3. In the mobile version Apple Store button is smaller than Google play
  4. In the desktop version Google Play button size and radius of the corners is different than Apple store button



Here is a new phone for the boy with increased resolution and polished edges


An original phone for the boy with indicated rough areas


Well spotted…Sherlock.!!


Hello. It’s good that you are showing people on the website. My concern is that it is not diverse. It should show more people and people of all races, not just black people. And before anybody says that this is a racist comment, I’m a black woman. So, it’s not about that. It’s about showing inclusion, which is best from a business standpoint.


Yes picked that up too. It’s not racist to talk about such things, regardless of your skin colour. That said, most of the unbanked live in africa, asia and the middle east which is the focus of Electroneum. So most of the photos on there are people typically associated with africa and a few from asia. America has about 7.5% unbanked, so I guess they will rotate the photos of difference peoples over time from around the world as they continually refresh the site. As Electroneunm is a global crypto. But the website refresh is a great start.


Maybe they could insert a background image slideshow header there and rotate images every 10-20 seconds or so?


Hi ETN-Team!

As you unfortunately didn’t reply to my email I need to try it again, maybe a bit more directly. Don’t get me wrong, I really like your new website but the German translation is just crap! It’s full of mistakes, sentences which make no sense and in general it doesn’t express what you are saying in English at all!

To be honest, if I were a new potential customer from Germany (or Switzerland or Austria) and would see this translation I would directly think it is a scam, wouldn’t build trust and therefore wouldn’t invest in ETN.

So again, if you need some assistance with the German translation (and you apparently do): No problem, just let me know and I am happy to help you out!

What about the other languages? Can somebody tell me if it is the same poor quality of translation?



Not sure where you emailed, as there is no support email.

This is definitely the right place to highlight any issues, thanks :+1:


Hi HerrVorragend, apologies, we thought we had replied to you on Telegram! Per Richards latest email, the full website has not been sent off for complete translation yet so we expect a few issues at present. See the exert from the email here:

As soon as that feedback is all complete (Mon/Tues next week) we will get all the translations done and in place – ready for MWC Barcelona in February.


re: 1,
It’s with webhook
push your browser.

Check HTML 5 score. :slight_smile: