New Website Live!


Thankyou @ETNCEO
@ImogenD for the announcement.
The New Website is a cracker.
Thankyou to the entire team, again so many of you work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this mighty project and our investment awesome!


Excellent work!
It looks alot better.
Smart to do a thread, team. Alot free labor eyes here! :blush:


Thanks Richard & ETN team

Nice website refresh with focus on the main unbanked peoples (africa, asia and middle east) and functionality for the ecosystem.

Look forward to the update.


I stayed up and went page by page looking. Lol. RIP to my sleep schedule.


No sleep till march…


Nice Redesign - but who is responsible for the translations (at least the german translation is horrible and not to understand)…


My friend…Notice the edits above. We are all responsible. This is all our baby. Haha



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Looks like they fixed that!!


We incremented too!

Registered Users


Very nice guys! Love the new look.


Regarding the worse translations I recommend <- Please see demo and references. Very easy and comfortable tool for translations (including proofreading) and I am sure the global community can translate much better and will even help for free…


hello etn,

i noticed road-map translations are unfinished…

all switches to english after q2 18. not sure if intended.


Awesome suggestion. I wish if we can have for example 40 total languages :slight_smile: it will be fantastic and if more people translate in same time it can be very fast… I don’t know how much cost it but we need it for faster mass adoption :slight_smile:


On the home page. Imo this should stay patent pending until patent is secured. Unless it is?..

Payments arrive in an instant

Powered by the world’s fastest cryptocurrency, Electroneum (ETN), our digital payments ecosystem offers a patented instant payment of cryptocurrency, making it ideal for everyday transactions.

Learn More

On what are instant payment page . Second paragraph 2 last sentences.

“However, we do have a solution. We have created and patented an instant payment system.”

Again i would put patent pending until patent is secured. Unless it is…?

@ImogenD @ETNCEO


The new website looks fantastic @ETNCEO brilliant job! I would only suggest that the fiat pairing be displayed directly under the exchange name. In “how to buy ETN” section.


Hows about a current price tikker at the top of the webpage or on the mobile phone itself . Love the web site



Hhmm… Perhaps not so fast about Cryptopia? Maybe just missed it but, e.g., do we know yet for sure if electroneum wallets have been affected and to what extent? Perhaps it might be best not to antagonise them too much at this stage—esp. as that might affect how they might prioritise helping ETN users once the dust settles…?

And then remove them after…? :wink:


Thanks for all your valuable feedback (everyone!)

We’ve removed Cryptopia from our “where to buy” page as it was confusing for new users - we will restore them back as soon as they get wallets live. We have NOT had any official (or unofficial) contact from Cryptopia regarding this issue and are not making a formal statement about this situation until we know more.

Have a great day everyone!

PS - I mentioned that I was going to send an email - there’s been a slight delay, but that’s going out to all users today to introduce the new site and something else that’s very exciting indeed!! (teaser alert)
Keep your eye out for a post here later - and the email in your inbox.

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Oh you! Big tease. It’s good news Friday. :wink:

Cheers Richard… :slight_smile:


Brilliant richard !!! Look forward to the teaser …


Awesome, really professional, it attracts the eye so I cant stop reading.
Well done.:yum: