New Wallet Buttons


Hey Guys! I’m a very happy Founder Investor and I would seriously like Electroneum to add a couple of new buttons to the wallet in the App.
All we need now is a “BUY” and a “SELL” button in the App to allow the masses who have the App to simply buy and or sell Etn easily. Most of us have had to take the long road to adopt Etn. Most people can’t or won’t follow our path. Therefore with the KYC in place can we now add these 2 buttons to the wallet. This will massively increase the 99% to adopt Etn.
How about it?
Mark Lethbridge


Adding the buttons would be easy. But the functionality would be really hard to do. I think the problem is that there is no exchange that handles every fiat currency and ETN. If there was one then it would probably be easy to make it happen. At the moment best they could do is to convert it into BTC and that would help only with the 1%. At least they have the exchanges listed in the app and there you can possibly find an exchange that you can do business with.


I remember them talking about Liquid and how this was going to enable this eventually - someone correct me if I’ wrong :slight_smile:


I don’t know if they would want to do that, but it would be interesting if they added an exchange like functionality. So If I have some BTC and I want to trade it for ETN dirrectly in the ETN app. I believe it is a bit farfetched. And not what they want, actually.


Everything is easy when you know how!

Mark Lethbridge