New Utrust Video shows off their instant payment system, seems identical to ETN

Looks like the Utrust team have been taking a leaf out of ETNs book , Their instant payment system seems practically identical to ETNs with mobile and QR code !!!

almost seems like a straight copy of the ETN idea !

Looks identical, but i doubt their back end system actually works the same.


Patent infringement !!!


It’s an ERC 20 token, they accept more than one crypto and started in 08/2017.

24hr volume is way higher than ETN but market cap is way lower.

Actually ETN has $100k more volume but they hit over $1 in the 2017 bullrun probably cause their supply is super low vs ETN, It was also one of Suppomans picks

LOL @ insignificant ERC20 tOokEen. IMO there is no need to spend lawyer money on “slow copycat kidz” :sunglasses:
IMO they are less fun than our (re)current fb and twitter fudders

Instant payments will become the norm. It’s the fintech ecosystem, that is key. Electroneum has that in spades.


That is correct…,…

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You’re right about that. I’d even prefer TPAY over over them. This post is the first time I’ve heard of these guys. Ranked 196.

wouldnt be so fast to discount them

They are known in the industry as the paypal of crypto , their CEO was invited to the Nitron event held in San Francisco by Tron this past week !

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But they still wont have the ecosystem that ETN is building…
and…patent pending…


Perhaps. Their project is okay, but the market cap in comparison to the time that it has been live indicates a lack of publicity and market interest.

The project at this stage hasn’t demonstrated a velocity of attention that will enable it to overcome those obstacles or gain market share over competitors.


There will be many coins doing the same as ETN and we will be challenged at every front and we will fight in any domane, but do not care about them because the only thing we can do is to suport ETN the best we can. And when we see all those copy cats we know we are on the right way.

I think its healthy for the space to have competitors , theres enough room for other companies , its not a winner takes it all situation !

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