New tweet from the team , 2.1.2019


Definitely will be checking this out


wowww it’s wonderful perfect :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Yes I have just confirmed and it’s absolutely in place therefore I’m swapping my entire paxex coins for etn


It looks great … To be able to just swap
coins is fantastic…

let us know how quick it is @Emmanuel


Alright, but it’s just unfortunate paxexcoin is not listed for exchange

These are all the p culumn coins and paxex is not I’m it’s just unfortunate


While this is very nice, please be aware that using instant swap systems like this comes at a price. If you are able to do it directly using an exchange you will be better off.

I did a test calculation on the difference between using the service and using an exchange for trading ETN to BTC. The service costed 9.47% more than swapping it myself on an exchange.

If you don’t mind paying the premium for a quick swap, then it is def an awesome addition!


Almost 10% that’s huge buddy even kucoin reduced from 50 to 5 on withdrawal and 1% trading fee


Wow thanks for that …


great…hoping etn team also partner with remitano…peer to peer trading


The more we see exchanges lower the prices the more interesting it gets… Especially as the price improves the fee amount hopefully one day will be 0.01 :D… Onto topic though, having more integration even if fee’s are high-ish is brilliant. We are being recognised and adopted :fire::earth_africa::rocket::iphone:


@Mulder 20 simple swaps