New to crypto. Any advice

:slight_smile: New to crypto…Any Advise?? I find it pretty exciting. Thanks!!

Welcome 2497.

Two rules I live by:

  1. Knowledge is key! Research and learn everything you can about a project and its technology/team. You need to be knowledgeable as this industry is very unforgiving and mistakes can be costly.
  2. Never, ever, ever use more money than you can afford to lose. Greed is the biggest problem for people in the crypto world. It brings emotions into decisions and makes people do silly things.

Bonus rule:

  1. If it looks too good to be true… it is. Don’t get scammed.

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stay off social media - its usually toxic and a time waster

don’t look at the price every day

ETN community forum is the safest place for info about ETN and crypto in general


if you are convinced that the etn project makes good for people then spread the word among your friends. I just alerted one of my friend about the phone top up possibility in his country. I guess topping up being new is true for many countries as most of the countries were added a few days ago.


The world is changing an we might all think about crypto as a new asset class, but crypto did see it’s first practical use with the Romans Marathon runners in the real old days. Some of the first known crypto was to switch add letters…Hoil ypogu = Hi you :slight_smile: So if the runner was taken they could not read or understand the message. And from all the way back then and up to know Crypto have been in constant development with different breaks thru during the years. When BTC was launched it was in many ways a revolution and gave crypto a new use case, and tech development skyrocket again.

So there is many sides with crypto from value as in $ or contract and so on. All this fast growing thing that we call Crypto have made many more markets avalibole and created solutions we did not think was possible 15 years ago. crypto also got a negative side, and that is all those scammers that try to benefit of new people entering shany new tech, with not enough knowledge to see the real thing and the bad thing that is for sale. Also hackers are present looking for a pray and a snack.

So my best advise is to look at crypto like you look and research a company you want to put your savings in. Be strict with yourself and have some self discipline in your research. Look for proofs and not just a review from a community. Use confirmed data on the coin you want buy. My personal preference for buying is Coinbase and Liquid exchange.

Trading is fun but can be the biggest drain for your personal fortune so be carefull. I think people loose more on trading then the price itself. I recommend you read a lot and stay level headed and i need to great you with a welcome since i assume you got Electroneum in your portfolio :slight_smile: and it is a great choice.

Happy Days,

Buy projects you believe in. HODL. Buckle up it’s a wild ride.

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