New stablecoin●"Escobar"



Highly Politically based stablecoin.
I reserve my opinions here as I also hope any opinions posted here are left with the respect towards all forum users from all nations.
Please keep it to facts .
Happy reading! !


With GoFundMe, they raised $10 million in just 10 hours?!
Let’s see how this will end!


Thanks for the share @Pahini , I’m keeping my opinion to myself on this one… that’s a minefield right there …


I heard this ICO is already sold out!!
Could be wrong here.
So busy on twitter right now but will update topic soon


Thanks @Chris_T
This is purely informative.
Nothing more.
Respect to all.


Agreed , very eye opening lol …

Much respect back

Om Mani Padme Hum :peace_symbol:


hehe, escobar.
wellwell, a stablecoin could be something for the unstable region.
but the retoric and reason i find a bit, narco.
talking of corrupt they maybe should wash their own front steps first, lol



Looks like a money grab/ publicity stunt taking advantage of people obsessed with politics, whatever their belief. “:musical_note: Come on take the money and run :notes:

Favorite part was the zebra print Super Cub. Thanks @Pahini

Final thought:
Keeping it to myself lol…


Although, in general what is this community’s position on stablecoins? Not trying to hijack your thread @Pahini, interested in what people are thinking at this time. I’m honestly not as well studied on the concept.

I believe there are various assets that one could take a position in if need be. Are stablecoins worth having as an option? I see the convenience factor for going back in to crypto at the right time.


Well that’s interesting