New Registered users signing up


I have been watching the amount of New registered users signing up every day very closely…Since Aug 1 Electroneum has had 120,840 new users that have signed up…!!( Without any hype i might add…) On Average 3900 ppl sign up EVERY day…That’s 2.7 new people signing up every minute !!..AND it’s been very consistent !! I would like to know if there are Any other projects who have this kind of Interest out there…!!.. I Can’t seem to find Any ? ETN Has such a bright Future…


More like 2.7 people per minute! :grin:

I remember an email from Richard speaking about how fast top companies had reached 1 million users. I can’t remember the exact details, but he said that we got to 1 million users in a shorter time than Facebook or Twitter!


Well now let’s just hope that each new user buy at least 100€ worth of electroneum ahahha :sweat_smile:


Hi all ETN fans!

I hold ETN since the ICO. I strongly believe in this project from the first time it cought my atention. I also have other cryptocoins in my wallet but mostly ETN. I am Dutch and I wonder if there are more Dutch people here and if there is a need for a topic in Dutch?


Hello,where can I start following how new user’s coming into this community…
I will like to know


@yaolad This is about best you are going to get, there is a user count


No, am not talking of people in the forum for now, am talking of overall people that’s register for electroneum in general… Thanks


Go to and scroll down and you will see there…!!


Like @purkiss80 said you can see it on the website but ETN currently stand on:

Registered Users

Telegram Members

Twitter Followers

Facebook Followers