New miner app update


Latest miner app update is now available on Google play . Bug fixes and new translations.

Version 2.6.5

Ok now


Hmmm mine does not seem to want to mine now anyone else getting this? just stuck on connecting…


Yep I’m experiencing the same problem :worried:


It’s back on … . . … … . .


Yep working now :slight_smile:


Thank you. Also my balance is updated. Before update was @6 and now is @6.43. Thanx a lot.


But stability isn’t great from version 2.6.3 more often keep crashing…
They didn’t add any new language…
Maybe next time :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting on the miner game , the one the advertised during the ico :joy:


We have here 2 games : fight the fud and HODL rocket… In HODL rocket you can earn real coins and in fight the fud I am with talk to have too some news…


I’ve played hodl rocket , drive me nuts everytime I got the 5x multiplier I would crash into the rocks hahahahhaha …

Keep us mad lot posted @Mr.CryptoCZ