New members need help

Pls am new here can someone with a good heart help me and other new member get better here?
Thanks guys

Hi Bshell, welcome to the community. Not sure exactly what you are asking. Is there a specific question you have?

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How do I earn ENT here?

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You can sell digital skills/services on

You can buy more coins using an exchange.

You can do work for people in the real world and get paid face-to-face using the mobile app in ETN.

You can setup an online e-commerce shop and accept ETN using the instant payment system on your website.

If you have cheap electricity and decent computer hardware, and a little technical knowledge, you can mine other coins and be paid in ETN using thorshammer mining pool.

Plenty of ways to earn ETN if you are willing to put in the time and energy. :+1:


and mine alts and exchange them to etn


I think am willing to, so I will give if a try

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