New Look for Cryptopia


Has anyone seen the new interface changes to Cryptopia? I think it looks really cool actually. Always nice to improve the window dressing so to speak.


It seems to be refreshing and scrolling properly. Is that others experience as well?


i like the site they have used parallax which is easier on the eyes and much more higher resolution so it makes the text and icons stand out more clearly which you need when buying and selling. Plus the new UI seems more slick and minimal i like the green accent with the dark tones , kinda reminds me of radar relay


Yeah seems to be more responsive.


I am still having to refresh to get a price updated etc. But scrolls better at least.


I like it! :slight_smile:


it’s about time lol :wink:


very cool.even the animation is beautiful.I had goose pimples when i saw our dearest ETN logo swimming among the many others.
Really cute