Hello ETN Admins,
I’d love to help Electroneum get other important language localizations. I am able to provide a professional translation of the language in the Czech, Hungarian and Polish languages.

  • There is a possibility that we can export a txt sub-file with English translation of Electroneum

“In this way, our community could greatly expand to other important countries”

My mail is

Thanks for the great electroneum project !

Mining app update now down for maintenance

Nice activity. 100% agree that we need more languages… (in the app we have 20 languages but can have much more)
And community can make for free or ETN team can give them maybe 1000-5000 ETN as a reward.
Who is joining us? We are :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: we work TOGETHER
And @ETNCEO or someone from admins @Corentin @BegaMutex @Anjay can you provide more details and give to us TXT form from the APP?


This would be so nice, great idea :slight_smile:


I would also like to introduce some minor changes in Dutch translations.


Nice idea.

However, playing devils advocate and putting my “business hat” on… i suspect the team need to use a professional company for official translation so that they have the legal guarantee that its correct. I could be wrong though. As i said, its a nice idea.