New kyc Method - Add in the the forums to get traction?



The community clearly needs an additional verification method.
Many users from different regions of the world, all the way from South East Asia to the African Subcontinent are facing issues with getting past tier 1 verification.

The Yoti verification dilemma is a great opportunity to get all the telegram users who are not yet active in the forums to create an account and engage with the community right here! One possibility is to add the alternative verification method within the site to prompt more users to engage in the forums. Another way could be to create or something along this line if it is too much maintenance or downtime to be coded in the site.

Here are some of the issues users are facing:

  1. Yoti is not available in certain countries (Example. One user complained about Ghana)
  2. Yoti does not work with manual address entry within certain countries (When asked to input address manually, it sends users to upload a form of identification, often which fails because many countries do not have an address inputted in English or at all.)
  3. One forum member posted that Electroneum support requested them to upload directly via the portal but that is not possible unless the users are at tier 2 verification, which is a roadblock because in order to get to tier 2, the users need to use Yoti (Yoti is not working for a lot of users)
  4. Yoti customer service are providing the same response to the majority of users (Attached Below)

Yoti Response:


Sorry to hear you’re struggling to verify your address on your Yoti.

You can add your home address manually by going to “Settings>My Account> Address > Add”.

When you add an address, we verify it with an identity provider. Your address seems to be failing this check. This usually happens when the address isn’t registered in the provider’s database (e.g. the electoral roll).

However even if your address fails these checks it will still be added to your Yoti as an “unverified address” as long as you live in any of the countries listed here. All this means is that unless a business specifically asks for a “verified address” you will still be able to use Yoti normally.

One thing you can do is try Yoti Password Manager for free, this doesn’t require an address and can be very useful.
Click here if you wish to know more about it.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

We recommend contacting Electroneum directly for alternative verification methods.

*End Yoti Response

Any thoughts or comments?


You have some valid points there, but

electroneum does not require a yoti-profile with a verified address anymore


You got Some good idea’s and points there @cryptogenesis49 i agree that electroneum should make like help pages for all the issues and that they should make alternative options to verify yourself or upload your documents other then Yoti hopefully they Will make it all as best as possible for all of us So that nobody Will be left out and everybody can do their KYC normally in the end :wink:


Very good post not sure how to address these issues personally but ETN have said they are already working on several solutions for people having problems but I guess we don’t know yet if this is going to cover everyone.

I think having a dedicated place to read up about KYC is great idea, a step further which I assume they will be doing is I think there needs to be a section in the app about KYC with more info and help for those who don’t have a laptop or pc just making it alittle more convenient. I too have my worries about a few things but ETN want as many customers as possible this is there goal so Im pretty darn sure there gonna try and make it as easy as they can for as many people as they can. I think when asked about KYC you should first get a simple explanation why you need to provide this to reassure people and then the next step offer examples and tips if you don’t have access to certain information.