NEW! Instant Payment video from the ETN Academy


Hi everyone,

Have you seen this awesome Instant Payment video from the ETN Academy? It shows just how easy it is to buy their great Electroneum Merchandise using ETN through our WooCommerce plug-in.

It’s a fantastic walkthrough of how to buy something with ETN (and the background music’s awesome!), and best of all, they go into a bit of detail around what goes on behind the scenes of an ETN Instant Payment transaction.

Check it out here: h

What did you think? What would you buy using ETN? Who would be your perfect ETN vendor? Tell us in the comments below…


Saw this on Reddit yesterday. It’s really slick and edited well.
I think a 30 - 60 second refined edit of this video would be great to be shared on facebook or twitter, especially with a square aspect ratio.


I work at a University producing marketing and educational media. I also design online courses and support staff with new learning technologies. I get a coffee from our cafeteria every day and think about how incredible it would be to get the uni to integrate ETN into their POS systems across the whole campus.

The potential opportunity for the University and general Higher Education sector is MASSIVE! There are around 25 thousand students at my uni who pay for food and drinks every day. They would be such an excellent demographic to tap into because they have the potential to spread Electroneum across the campus like wildfire. In fact, other than the unbanked in developing countries is there a better demographic in the west than 18-21-year-old students?? They’re generally the early adopters of tech and disseminate what they’ve learned to their younger or older siblings and parents.

Now this might be a little far-fetched, but if my University had the opportunity to make insane profits from accepting ETN across all their campus cafeterias and student union bars, there’s no reason they couldn’t use those profits to help offset the cost of tuition fees or provide discounted accommodation in halls of residence or free bus rides across the city or free access to the uni gyms etc.

This kind of marketing could really give a University a competitive edge for student recruitment, especially as uni’s are all fighting to increase their intake numbers since the Brexit vote. Some young people decide not to go to university because of the 30K debt they’ll accrue before they even start their working life. Now imagine if Electroneum could mitigate that student debt?! That’d be revolutionary!

When I was a student I had a ‘Yellow Card’ which got me £1 beers at a partiuclar pub on Tuesday. It was always completely rammed that night. Imagine if the other pubs, bars, and clubs across the campus started accepting Electroneum for entrance and offered cheap beers and food. It would be huge! Because of KYC, Students wouldn’t need to carry their Passports for ID which is often the case because many of them don’t have driving licenses and the bars/clubs would have a digital record of all the entrants. I don’t doubt this would quickly spread across to other pubs, shops, and restaurants in the city that would want to capitalize on the opportunity.

A strategic partnership with (NUS), the National Union of Students could be a very good idea, they offer discounts on a whole range of products and services and they are partners with (ISIC) which are international student Identity cards accepted as proof of student status in 130 countries.

I would love to talk to our Dean about accepting Electroneum payments at the Business School’s cafeteria and then roll it out across the whole campus. What a fantastic PR opportunity! Other than the enthusiasm I have for the success of ETN, what information can the Electroenum team give me and other like-minded enthusiasts to influence those who can make these kinds of decisions? I’d want to be absolutely confident I could answer any and all questions before I’d attempt to sell the idea.

Lastly, I know Richard is incredibly busy but I wonder if he’d consider being a guest speaker at one of our Business School’s Hot Topics events next year? What do you think @ETNCEO ? Our audiences is made up local business owners, business students, staff and anyone in the local community.


JUST EAT would be great partner. If they accepted ETN it may encourage all other restaurants and takeaways to follow suit.


I am at a university in Canada. You are right about this idea I have been thinking the same, imagine a student mining ETN while they study and after a month of mining you can buy a coffee or even buy ETN then buy food in the cafe.

3 things spread around a University faster than wildfire: Drugs, STDs, and New Technology.


I’d love to see independent record labels accept ETN as payment for digital downloads and other merch. They generally offer their bands/artists fair deals. Still, underground bands don’t make enough money from physical sales or even streaming services like Spotify to sustain themselves. Selling merch at gigs is where the money’s at so if bands could accept ETN they might actually return from tour and not be out of pocket.

Promoters and venue owners should also accept ETN for ticket sales. Many venues are run down and are barely cover costs. Most small promoters put on shows for the love of the music and make next to nothing. ETN could inject some much needed capital into local music scenes.

Straying further off topic now, but it could really be helpful for buskers, street artists or even homeless people.


A lot of good stuff in there ; )


Working on some of this ; )


That’s great!! As someone who plays in a band and runs a promotions company outside of the 40 hour working week, I really believe Electroneum would enable Musicians and Artists to continue to do what they love to do. It could also be massive for freelancers that do graphic design, illustration and animation…haha, I’ve just realised while typing this that it’s exactly why they’re launching

I’m going to talk to the guy who runs the label my band is on and see if I can persuade him to integrate the payment system, I know the owners of a whole bunch of small labels in the ‘scene’ i play in. Could be a fantastic opportunity. The Entrepreneur in me would want to cut a deal, like a finders fee, for helping them and others to accept ETN and the benefits they’ll get from it. I wonder if the Electroneum team is working on something like that. I’d love to be involved in it.

The major hurdle in the west is that the the miner won’t pay out enough, quickly enough, and I don’t think anyone who wasn’t already interested in crypto would have the patience to lean how to use exchanges to buy ETN to pay for products. The only way around this would be for Electroneum to have an instant ‘buy’ button in the app. I know many people have already suggested this and that it’s not on Electroeneum’s road map…yet. But, I really hope this is something they can figure out soon because it’ll open the doors to the west.

I guess it’d be prudent to have all of the back end ready, in terms of vendor integration, for when that ‘buy’ button gets implemented. I’m sure it’ll happen, but they’ve got to make ground and acquire users in the developing countries first as well all know that’s their priority.

It’s really hard not to get carried away with ideas. Sometimes I forget we’re still in the very very early stages.