New Hardware wallet by ELLIPAL will be accepting ETN!


As you can see the coins the hardware wallet accepts already and the ones in development to be accepted soon. ETN is on the list of coins that are under development to be accepted on this hardware wallet , this opens up a whole new place where you can store you coins if you dont want to do KYC it seems !

waiting for our great youtubers to jump onto this

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Well crud…I guess I’ll have to be making a purchase then. That would be much more convenient than using paper wallets and the CLI, IMHO. Nice find.


Its quite a beautiful wallet too !


I happen to know a few youtubers, I’ve already got one looking at it now :slight_smile:

IF they get ETN on there, I will no doubt make a purchase. Until then, my Trezor model T is working just fine!


If we can have support of TREZOR or LEDGER it will be awesome too. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing @Izmo


That’s quite a smart wallet , not a bad price either … thanks for sharing

Cryptopia is down

Glad to know youtubers are now jumping onto my research !