New Features to try out

Share your current status with the community

The new User Status feature allows users to set a custom status emoji and message that is displayed across the app. Once set, the message will be shown next to your avatar on posts, in chat, and on your user card so you can let everyone know you’re :brain: in deep focus mode, :palm_tree:on vacation , or :slightly_smiling_face: how you’re currently feeling.

to add a status simply click on your profile, preferences ( person top right )
User status

then set your status, timescale etc etc … to change emoji click on the emoji chat logo top left and pick the emoji you would like. This then places an emoji on your profile pic on the top right and it informs users of the status.

please do NOT abuse this as This is a family site so please be respectful …Thankyou

Swearing, fud etc used on this will mean a termination of this feature and warning given.


Easily access what you care about most with the new Sidebar

The new sidebar allows community members greater control over their experience. Each member can now add categories, tags, and chat channels to their sidebar that they want to follow and access more easily.

The new sidebar has a Community section for quick access to commonly frequented links, and additional sections to allow every user to track their own favorite categories, tags, messages, channels and chat messages

This is a trial

let me know if you like this in the comments below…