New Exchanges Need To Be Visible In App


I think that the new exchanges when they are live need to be added to the exchange section of the wallet in the app.

This would give greater visibility and legitimacy to the exchanges to new people who have just recently downloaded the app and are beginning the Electroneum journey.


Yep we miss there sistemkoin + hitbtc or something more?


I agree that would be a great update.!


Good to see Liquid as Liquid rather than Qryptos even if they are same company.


On another thread there seems to be a few more:

Don’t know if all are legit though?


Blockfolio has some more plus you have
looking at the trade history it doesn’t look like any wash trading is happening to me despite it being a Chinese exchange with the buy and sell order colors backwards.

^ that one has a bunch of tiny little trades. I don’t know what the fu is going on there.


and liquid :sunglasses:


Just a snapshot of bitalong trading

Something like that. Want to make it only has to be sure that they are reliable.