New exchanges listing and apply for the listing

Why ETN team are not applying new and big exchanges …
see the new ico like ubex,qkc ,npxs,and IMT these are working great .

soo please apply the exchanges like binance community round in next month and other big exchanges…

From what they have said from time to time is its not always that simple the exchanges choose for themselves or decide on factors like picking coins that are really easy to add for example. If they already have a coin on there exchange and a new one comes along that uses the same codebase its easy for them to add it so they will. If a new coin comes along with a new blockchain its harder for them to add.

They also consider things like trade volume and various other things. But I don’t think anyone knows for sure why we arn’t on alot of exchanges yet. Next.Exchange is supposed to be happening soon apparently and also hitBTC

New exchanges won’t change the deal. We need to have a whole product before.
Once the whole ecosystem will be in place and with 10-20 millions of users, we won’t need to make petitions to list us anywhere. They will call us on their own.

We just have to be patient. Our time will come.

What do you mean by it won’t change the deal? being on more exchanges especially some of the bigger places is pretty important for more customers and trade. Alot of people won’t use some of the exchanges we are on because they don’t trust them or simply don’t want to make another account.

It won’t change the deal now but of course later.
We need to have a complete product first.
We saw with CoinBene that it didn’t change anything and CoinBene has the lowerst volume actually. Even TradeOgre is higher than it.
That was the purpose of my answer.

Other than the ability to buy ETN with fiat, being on more exchanges is not a priority at this time. Being in an exchange does nothing to the value of the coin except in the rare case that certain investors don’t have access to an exchange at all, thereby depressing demand. That’s not happening now; anyone who wants to buy ETN can. The product is everything.

Exchanges do help bring projects into the spotlight. Sadly that spotlight does come with hype and speculators who mostly do no work to study what a project is about and a lot of times judge them entirely by price movement & rank, but it does bring in “some” of those users that do their research and can become part of the network that does help us spread good information about what we are. If we want to be adopted, having more presence helps. Plus yes, it does solve a trust issue as well like @Danny said. Exchanges can help grow our network and help people to believe that we could actually be a thing, and push it out to everyone more, rather than some of these other ones they don’t even understand while they keep desperately trying to encourage companies to accept a product they don’t even understand. (Because some don’t even have much of a plan in the first place and make up a bunch of mumbo jumbo to keep the sheep occupied) Think of some of these other coins almost like being the salesman on Family Guy selling Peter volcano insurance.

okkk nice response for this post thanks for every one …

now next what what etn is doing and coming in next months please give some idea…