New Exchanger listed ETN? OEX?


I just saw a OEX listed ETN woah ,thats nice!


yeah me too! Although they annoucned it on sept 6th, i never saw it in the market until today. Was I just oblivious or did they just list ETN?


We already got listed there a while back but as far as i know coin market cap finally updated it on their website :wink:


i mean, was it live to trade on sept 6th, though? Or did it begin a few days ago?


As far as i know it was live to trade on that moment also but i could be wrong i am not on that exchange :thinking:


i only say that because it appeared on CMC 2 days ago


Yeah CMC is kinda slow updating everything :neutral_face:


Can we have more exchanges later


Yeah. Its top 18 exchange and its cooler than Bittrex and so on - BUT - why team twitter is on silence - Everybody should know it now !