New Exchange to offer USD/ETN and others


Hi all I’m a part of a new exchange and would like to get some input about a USD/ETN pair. Do you think this will be something the community would support? In the beginning, We will only take USD via wire transfer but soon after will take all major cards. Please provide honest feedback so I may take it to my team members as i am a big supporter of ETN.



Everytime i deal with value, security is my biggest concern. If you can make it very easy and intuitive that people that never bought crypto before will buy crypto, i will use it and i will teach all other people i know howe to us it. Every thing must be so nice and easy and professional layed out that i want to us it, and if it is a phone app you will be a billionaire and i really want to use it. I am sure we are many at this community that can help in testing and promoting the app, this is a big community. Wish you the best of luck


Yes I think the paring would be good. A lot of volume is coming from the USA. Good to get @M-Kid view.