New exchange listing :)


Great news to the Electroneum community :)!

Just to make you aware, I’ve been a holder of ETN since the ICO and have always been a massive supporter of the project! I still accumulate every month :slight_smile:

You can ask me any questions about Electroneum & I’m still here through all the FUD; positive and negative partner listings, Monero code fixes, When Samsung? and various exchange listings that have been announced.

I want to inform you that my 2nd favourite crypto project ‘Tokenpay’ are releasing the worlds first fully Decentralised exchange called EFIN DEX. Electroneum who have their very own blockchain (rather than being structured through ERC20) will be listed on the EFIN DEX!

The EFIN DEX will be far superior to the Binance DEX as Binance’s platform isn’t actually decentralised.

For some background info; Tokenpay have partnered with Litecoin & Verge, have purchased 20% of a bank with Litecoin, released a privacy coin ETF & will bring a healthy amount of trading volume to Electroneum through the EFIN DEX.

Efin have had over 20,000 sign ups in 5 days.

The first 200,000 sign ups receive 1000 free Efin coins. Just like Electroneum they are distributing coins to the community who are supporting the project. I’m sure Binance never gave out free coins!

TokenPay are good guys and they see the potential in Electroneum as we have a great following :slight_smile:


Thats great…

The more the merrier

Thanks for the information


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thankful if you find this useful!


Isn’t TokenPay a dirty word to us Electroneum folk?


I would be very careful with this exchange given TokenPay’s previous attitude towards ETN.


I understand that they weren’t very welcoming at first due to being so obsessed with privacy and decentralisation.

They have had many community members fight in Electroneums corner.

They are now a lot more welcoming of projects with a good community. They are more welcoming to this being an easy path for people to enter crypto who may want to explore decentrlation and privacy in the future.

When someone swallows their pride it’s nice to see :slight_smile:



There is nothing stopping them (EFIN DEX/TPAY) from listing ETN, however the decentralized exchange in itself is not KYC/AML friendly, there maybe some regulatory issues with that particular exchange.

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Teasing … mo$@%%@^@ ah^^@^@^!


Etn exchange in the wallet



Ive always looking for your Rare Msg M :smiley:


Ah yes I’ve seen this too.

Hopefully the listing still proceeds :slight_smile:


they can list ETN as much as they want ! it depends on them,(EFIN/TOKENPAY)


Very interesting!
I wonder if it is CryTrex or something in house?


Hoping in da house… :slight_smile:


Knowing Electroneum, the listing will be big :slight_smile:


Huboi! Great news :slight_smile: