New Exchange! Coindeal!


congrulations dear community we are listed on a new exchange called coindeal, if you remember etn won voting what is reason why we are there, as i know its good and new exchange, by the way this exchange is sponsor of Fc wolverhampton.
volume of coindeal is approximately 4 times more than cryptopia!!!


Weird… CMC is not showing the correct volume yet. CMC shows $1 and I can see thousands of ETN being traded on there.
Also don’t forget btcsquare exchange and bitalong exchange is trading ETN but not being reported on CMC.


wait buddy everything will be okay maybe they have to do some tech updates by the way i wanted to deposit some etn there but you cant deposit etn right moment it showed me btc adress not etn


This looks like a good exchange, do they have cold storage? can some one do a review of the exchange? If it is a good exchange,may be we should promote it? because it needs it.