New exchange BLOCKPORT - vote for listing


I just voted again. @Jernej
Looking good.
Very strong result.
We got the litecoin pairing on Bitlieber too…listing shortly!!




Like we expected :tada::tada::tada:


We had better stop voting now.
Give the others a sporting chance to catch up a little.!
Some of these votes are up against enormous communities.
With every person doing just a little bit to inform another on the votes,…We are making an enormous impact.
We are being seen as a strong and united community.
That looks mighty fine from an Investors point of view.


really i am glad that i have invested in electroneum project


ETN won the vote as we know.

A big well done to all who voted especially
Mr.CryptoCZ for flagging up the vote in this thread.

Confirmation from Blockport:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Thats excellent news.
well done to all that voted.
Thanks @ ENTman


Let’s all get behind the semi final vote highlighted and posted by Cryptoman976 let’s see if we can push ETN through to the final: