New exchange BLOCKPORT - vote for listing


We are crushing it:D


Just voted, we just broke 51%! We’re way ahead of the other coins so far.


Done from my side. And we are ahead of all competitors


Voted, thank you for sharing


WOW you are AWESOME - we are near 1000 votes. Join us too and help us show our POWER.
Bcs we are Electronians - forever together. :wink:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Please register and vote if you could spare your time. We need more registered votes.
It is done by installing Android/iOS app and authenticating yourself with your phone number, then voting :wink:


Its funny :smiley:


Lol, complete domination still and I love it. :rocket:


yes, they just cant win! dont know who but somebody suggested to create thread, just to post the Pools that we won…there will be lost of them :smiley:


It shows the passion we have for etn . It’s fantastic


Voted! Again? I don’t remember, so many of these polls lately.


Hey voted again.
Were at 60% of the vote!




You can vote again for ETN :grin:


Just voted. Amazing and stay tuned it will be a pool at Twitter soon. So prepare and create an account if you haven’t :slight_smile:


Hey Jernej.,
Yeah, I am did vote again earlier.
7 days to go?
At 59% of vote when I Looked! ,!

Great effort from the community
Keep voting every day peoples!
:heart::heart: Support Your Investment :heart::heart:


Latest results…I just voted again! Woot Woot!


I also re voted ETN :slight_smile:


Good thing you voted again.
Maybe @Mr.CryptoCZ could repost this on the Electroneum Mirror ?


Just voted again myself and here are the current results.