New exchange BLOCKPORT - vote for listing


Hi to all please can you help us to get on new exchange?

They have over 35 000 followers at Twitter

Wow it goes very fast thanks all for sharing at multiple sites :heart:

Official Electroneum Voting Poll Thread Please Vote ! ⚡

Blockport is really good project. It would be wonderful if ETN could be on it… :grin:


I’m always lazy but it needs no SNS accounts or resister so voted without problems :blush:


Voted! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Here is link to pool. Please vote. :smile:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

And I already know we won the vote :joy::grin:


Thanks for sharing I voted. Get voting everyone we always do awesome on these votes lets show them how big ETN is :slight_smile:


Vote done, thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:


Morning friends! Ahh we kill it in every vote that comes our way!



Voted :+1:
We will p1$$ it :wink:


:+1: voted … we’re gonna smash it


We are winners of this voting, 1000% sure. So we have a new exchange :stuck_out_tongue:


Vote done and dusted


Im voted…Update 45%
Im sending invitations out now…
Go hard Electroneum community


Voted! ETN looking good!


Weve got 13 days left to get this broadcast across all social media channels in our respective countries.
Gives everyone who hasnt got a twitter account a chance to get one just for voting if nothing else.
Its in everyones best interests to vote for this kind of free advertising and recognition as clearly the best project in the Cryptosphere! !
:heart::heart: Electroneum :heart::heart:


Voted, another vote we can win. In this bear market lots of exchanges will want us and we shall win them all (thus adding liquidity) and helping new users come on board. :slight_smile:


Done and done! :hugs::+1::+1::+1::zap::zap::zap:



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