New exchange BITLADON - vote for listing


Another opportunity to show are power. This is small exchange but with FIAT pairs…

Its 33 min ago posted and we have over 90% :wink: Nice

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

To me it seems exchanges know that Etn is up to something😉


I just voted for ETN @Mr.CryptoCZ and just like the other vote we’re dominating thus far!


Will destroy every vote :joy::joy:


Can we make one giant topic with all our victories? I see many, and I want to make it more prominent is some way or another… :slight_smile:


Just voted. We got this like we always do. :grinning:


Good Idea @Bernard! Is this a topic you’d like to start? We should put the Binance Community Coin vote at the top of the list. We won that fair and square and their CEO CZ implied that our community is a bunch of shills…he’s clearly just after the 4 million listing fee


Just voted electroneum, to da


Etn is like a TigerTank. Rolls over all the little TinCans…:smile:


This is how ETN Panzer does with Shaitcoins


Voted! Looking like ETN is sweeping


Well said :slight_smile: ETN to the MOON!!!


We are now at %82 get out and vote


Voted electroneum.:+1: