NEW Electroneum Merchandise Site!

Quorra Merch Quorra Merch recently launched on Monday, 9/10. We have numerous designs for our Electroneum Community, with everything from T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats, Phone Cases and more! Below are a few examples of our products.

Merchandise is a great way to advertise the Electroneum brand when you’re out shopping, school, or just hanging out with friends. The designs look great but with unfamiliar phrases such as “ETN,” “Unbanked” and “Mobile Crypto” to name a few. This is a great way to inform those around you who aren’t fully aware of Crypto, let alone Electroneum.

Please Follow us on our Social Media for Discounts and Updates:
Twitter @QuorraMerch
Instagram @quorra_merch

Currently, we’re accepting PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards for now, Electroneum will be accepted in the near future once we integrate it into our site!!


hat2 unbanked Ultra-Gold_mockup_Case-on-phone_iPhone-X

Wow, everything looks awesome. I’ll definitely be checking this out.


Thank you! A lot of time and care went into it but it was absolutely worth it. I took my passion for design and digital art and brought it together with my passion for Electroneum. Now I get to share that passion with all of you and help our ETN Community from all over the world come together to help reach the Unbanked and represent our favorite Crypto in a whole new way!

That’s why this December will be the launch of the OneElectroneum Series!
Here’s a sneak peek:


Well that’s very good work,and I wanna know if you do worldwide delivery, cos I definitely have to get an item and promote Electroneum in my locality as well.


Seems a bit expensive…

Nice Merch @Quorra_Merch keep up the good work i Will look on your website and might buy something in the near future! :blush:

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Promotion is too important but this can make the HEADQUARTERS. But we can too make promotion as we speak with our friends. I too chose better option to spend some more money to buy more ETN coins :wink: Good luck to all with the JOURNEY…


Hat’s are priced at $25. I wonder if I did not turn on Europe for that hat. I will check and I will reply back to you with a link to a new one and we’ll figure this out, okay? Nothing we have is over $40.

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Sounds good! We hope to see you soon!

We have Warehouses with our Merchandise in both US and Europe. Worldwide delivery is available but the pricing of it isn’t up to us, it’s up to the Mail Carriers. You can check it out and see how much it may cost, we have many options for shipping!

15,000 ETN is quite a bit but on the flip side, the more people know about ETN the faster price will rise! You could also enter our Quorra Merch giveaway on our Twitter where we are giving away 10,000 ETN. The contest ends tomorrow night and the rules are pretty easy! Read the rules, but if you write up a really good reason as to why Electroneum is great you just may win it!

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No, currently we old accept PayPal and Credit/Debit. We will be adding ETN very soon.

Haha or dogecoin :yum:

You shouldn’t be attacking other members of the forum, no matter what. If you see an issue, go ahead and report it. You’re free to post your opinion, but this is beyond excessive.

He’s gone. He was a little over the top.

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Unfortunate, but it does happen.

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What happend @Quorra_Merch ? I Didnt see it :thinking:

Nothing. Someone was just making false accusations about our website and products. Mods removed him.

Ah ok Thats good :blush: we want to keep the positive vibe here in the community :sunglasses:

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Exactly! That’s the reason we made Quorra!