New Crypto Trading site

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A commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token, Zero fees crypto trading and get a share of 6 million token free give away

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Not very interested in digitex atm, but will this exchange trade ETN ? Is the exchange decentralized ?

btw, in general I hate exchanges demanding you to buy their coin to perform a buy/sell/transaction

If you need an exchange’s coin to perform a transaction, that is like paying a commission imo

its a crypto so should have etn but that is down to etn, maybe i should post pdf for the white paper it dont insist you buy their token,it says you can buy their token its actually their new crypto currency

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so out of the plethora of ICOs existing and popping up, why do you find this ico Worth a Mention in a etn-forum?

this is the non etn discussion so why are you here but just to troll my post

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i’m not trolling you, i’m just curious (for real, without trolling intent whatsoever)

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Tell me more, is it a decentralized exchange ?
because i like non-KYC decentralized stuff in real life

The exchange also replaces
centralized account balances with an independent,
decentralized smart contract on the
Ethereum blockchain that holds all
account balances. This hybrid model of a
centralized matching engine coupled with
decentralized account balances gives
traders the speed and reliability of off-
chain price discovery combined with the
trustless security of on-chain account


Sounds interesting, I will take a look. Thanks very much for the info.

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