NEW Cheaper Shipping + $10 OFF Code!

New CHEAPER SHIPPING and $5 or $10 OFF Voucher! How will you Reach the Unbanked?

We’ve updated our Shipping Process so that you receive very low shipping worldwide! In most countries, shipping costs only $2-3, where for some the highest is around $5.


how much to ship to Australia?

That’s cool @Quorra_Merch how many is shipping to the Netherlands?

Impressive how much to ship for inida…?

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So it will cost me almost no shipping or none at all interesting :thinking: i know i gotta hurry but ill think about it :blush:

This type of deal won’t be happening again for some time so today would be the day! It’s all really awesome stuff. I bought some myself!!!

$6.09. Use the SAVE5 or SAVE10 Code I have given you for a discount on your Total also.

Post your website please :v:

It’s on the bottom of the graphic.