Negative reviews accumulating on playstore

Why did my recent post got deleted?

I think its important to at least talk about it.

People dont seem to like the selfie process much ie. I didnt mean to create FUD its just a fact that if reviews continue like this etns star rating on the play store will drop (it already did). So dont you care about discussing it ?

I would say it like this: Some people will always hate, no matter what you do. And you cant do anything about it.
Lets say that this are people who had more phones to mine on them… Of course they don’t like it because now you can have only one device, to prove you are real person. And those are the terms of usage. If someone don’t like them can move to other project. You must do some work and send some information to receive FREE money. And really 2 selfes an you are done.


My take on this, I do not mind the selfie, for me, visually impaired it is much easier than to type passwords etc. But lets look further than me! Imagine, yourself into the unbanked (if you can) for a moment, it is all about them, or mostly? What would they prefer? Maybe the team already know that answer? Rating, is good, but wen 100 million people eventual starts rating, this will change?


I agree. I didnt mind the selfie process and understand why its implemented. Its just seems that a majority starts to complain and write those low reviews and if it continues it will just drop etn’s rating on the playstore.

I also find it pretty poor to be honest that my post got deleted. I’m a longterm supporter of the project and will be. But I also should be allowed to post critical views without being censored. It’s not like I just made this up to create fud.

This is the unedited unfiltered list of reviews. It just doesnt look good. If ETN Community would upvote more of the good comments it would change.


I understand your concern as I also have been looking at the ratings and reviews, we don’t want to deter users because of functionality. That being said the enhanced registration process will be out soon and I’m sure they are working on making the process as user friendly as possible.


It seems to be common practice on this forum at the moment that admins will just delete seemingly innocent and often perfectly reasonable posts without the courtesy of explaining or notifying the OP—it’s just something you need to be prepared for. I neither like nor agree with the practice but it seems to be just how it is and perhaps it is useful for members to be aware of it.


KYC is a government process that has been in place for many months now. We understand that people may not like the process but we are following regulations and cannot stray from the law.