Need to set up a POS at the GSMA! Let people test

Why didn’t I think of setting up a POS live at the Electroneum table and allowing everyone passing by to use the ETN app to check out and show everyone and give them a feel how easy it is. Have 2 or 3 phones loaded with like 1000 etn each and let people use them to buy candy bars or waters for say 5 etn per. Give people a receipt and everything. The experience would be life changing for people. Please let CEO see this. Maybe he could set this up. What do you think?

I think you need to get on a plane to Barcelona.


that’s an excellent idea :+1:


The tickets to the event are almost 1k. Cool idea tho.

Im not saying myself. Richard could set this up.

Let’s see, it’s a brilliant idea … @ETNCEO